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Milestone Finds

1st find: Westlake Rec Center Cache, 2/16/2002
50th find: It's a BIGGEN!, 9/5/2004
100th find: Ulmus Lignum, 9/19/2004
200th find: Sittin' Round, Talkin' Cache, 10/21/2004
250th find: Fallen Tree But Still Growing, 11/6/2004
300th find: Oxbow Animal Tales, 12/11/2004
350th find: Not That There's Anything Wrong With That!, 1/4/2005
400th find: Triangulation, 1/26/2005
450th find: "In the Clear" - The Stealth Cache, 2/6/2005
500th find: Serendipity III, 2/27/2005
550th find: The (Almost) Ides of March, 3/13/2005
600th find: Ruffians Cache V2.0, 3/27/2005
650th find: How did you guys ever miss this place?, 4/10/2005
700th find: Pioneer Cemetery - Franklin Mills, 4/30/2005
750th find: SQ - No Rymers Reason, 5/10/2005
800th find: OCC, 5/21/2005
850th find: Sharpsville Cache, 5/28/2005
900th find: Thunderbolt Cache, 6/4/2005
950th find: Reel It In, 6/11/2005
1000th find: Red Wanted It This Way, 6/19/2005
1250th find: Teach Me Something, 9/24/2005
1500th find: Whee Park, 11/25/2005
1750th find: Blown Up, Sir!, 2/20/2006
2000th find: First Amendment, 6/23/2006
2250th find: THE TRASH HEAP, 10/7/2006
2500th find: By the Dark of the Moon, 12/24/2006
2750th find: Welcome to North Carolina, 5/25/2007
3000th find: LuvWahoo Works: Chumopoly, 8/11/2007
3250th find: View, 12/25/2007
3500th find: Cash... OR ...Cache...?, 4/13/2008
4000th find: A Corroboree for American Independence, 7/11/2009
5000th find: AUTUMN GEO FEST VI, 10/19/2013
6000th find: In Progress...

First To Find

12/31/2007 Not a Cipher (with Overcast)
10/06/2007 Fall Fling Campfire: Jeepers Peepers (with Overcast)
10/06/2007 Off the Beaten Path (with Overcast & CleveLorQuesters)
08/10/2007 GO (North): Chumopoly
04/14/2007 Spring Cleaning Loco style: Target Area (with Overcast)
03/31/2007 NEOGEO Bingo: Great Horned Owl (with Overcast)
03/31/2007 NEOGEO Bingo: Oriole (with Overast)
03/31/2007 NEOGEO Bingo: Indigo bunting (with Overcast)
12/03/2006 Funky Monkey's Holiday Hullabalooza 2: Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (with GTCharlie)
12/03/2006 Funky Monkey's Holiday Hullabalooza 2: Roasting Chestnuts (with SuzyJazz & GTCharlie)
12/03/2006 Funky Monkey's Holiday Hullabalooza 2: Olive Reindeer
11/29/2006 Spy vs. Spy
10/07/2006 LoCo NeoGeo NWO Fall Fling 2006: Lawn Bowling anyone? (with Overcast)
10/07/2006 LoCo NeoGeo NWO Fall Fling 2006: Caterpillar's Safe (with Overcast)
05/13/2006 Drive By (with Cold One, SuzyJazz, and GTCharlie as Close Encounters during Mission Impossible)
04/30/2006 NyukNyukNyuk
11/26/2005 #4-2005 White Sox Great Lakes Interstate Tour (with Overcast & KC0GRN)
11/15/2005 71 Bugs
11/05/2005 Reed-ing Railroad Bridge (with Bipolar Bear, LuvWahoo & Mrs. BlackBrownDog)
11/05/2005 Cedarlen Stash (with Mrs. BlackBrownDog, LuvWahoo & Bipolar Bear)
11/05/2005 Hocking View (with LuvWahoo, Bipolar Bear & Mrs. BlackBrownDog)
11/04/2005 Bottle #99: SherwoodForest on the Spirit Trail
10/20/2005 Pick N Pay (with SuzyJazz)
10/03/2005 Liberty, Fraternity, and Sorority (with Overcast)
08/27/2005 A Family Plot Along the Spirit Trail (with Overcast)
08/27/2005 The Pleasant Eagle of the Spirit Trail (with Overcast)
08/10/2005 Rain clouds rolling in....
08/02/2005 Animal House Stealthy Style! (with SuzyJazz)
07/15/2005 Ramble Tamble
06/23/2005 Safari (with Overcast, SuzyJazz, and The Dudez)
06/01/2005 Mark Dis
05/10/2005 WARNING! WARNING! (with SuzyJazz)
05/03/2005 Chickadee (with ColdOne & 4agers)
04/19/2005 SQ - Keeper of the Light (with SuzyJazz)
04/16/2005 Lakeview Beach Cache (with Overcast)
04/06/2005 DEAD END - NO PARKING (with SuzyJazz)
02/21/2005 Pug's Prize (with Pirate Flay)
02/13/2005 Hawken Chemistry
02/12/2005 Catherine
12/08/2004 Potatoes and Locks (with NickeeG)
09/18/2004 Ask James, He Knows Where It Is! (with JAX & Lori, Overcast, ColdOne, Indy, and Goldrush)


I've cached in the United States, Japan & Canada.


I've cached in Ohio, Florida, Washington DC, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, New York, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Hawai'i, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

States in white have had finds

Ohio Counties

Counties in green have had finds


I've created a few waymarks too.

Payphones: North Royalton Memorial Park, no longer available
Bloggers: BOO's Banter
Wi-Fi Hotspots: Arabica-Painesville
Wi-Fi Hotspots: Panera - Middleburg Hts
Wi-Fi Hotspots: The Book and Bean, no longer available
Wi-Fi Hotspots: Sonnet's Cafe
Wi-Fi Hotspots: CyberPete's Cafe, no longer available
Octagon Buildings: Danville MI Octagon House
Peace Poles: Brunswick Peace Pole
Grave of a Famous Person: Al Capone


I found my first Letterbox in October 2004. I can't remember what I was using for a stamp then, probably a butterfly. I made my next stamp, the LABBOO ghost, at a Geocaching/Letterboxing Event sponsored by the Geauga County Park District held in January 2006. My current stamp, still the LABBOO ghost was designed by me but made by Simon's Stamps.

I've found letterboxes in Ohio & Michigan. Some of my favorites are listed below:

Old Frenchtown Island (Geocache Letterbox Hybrid), Monroe, MI, 3/8/2006 - stamp was a gold re-enactment tent
Fall Fun, Adrian, MI, 3/9/2006 - stamp was an orange pumpkin
First Amendment (Geocache Letterbox Hybrid), Geauga County, OH, 6/23/2006 - stamp was a blue Bugs Bunny(replacement from original)
Lions, Tigers, and BEARS! (Geocache Letterbox Hybrid), Geauga County, OH, 6/23/2006 - stamp was a black bear
Bradley Woods, Westlake, OH, 10/29/2006 - stamp was an eraser carved with a turtle, heron, lake, canoe & trees
MOORE LIGHT (Geocache Letterbox Hybrid), Lorain, OH, 11/12/2006 - stamp was a large hand-made carving of the Lorain Lighthouse
Jurassic HH, Brooklyn, OH, 12/2/2006 - T-Rex stamp found in "Yes, you are"
I've Been Working on the Railroad (Geocache Letterbox Hybrid), Geauga County, OH, 12/17/2006 - stamp was a black train
Woodland Mouse, Middleburg Hts, OH, 12/24/2006 - stamp was a red mouse
Woodland Squirrel, Middleburg Hts, OH, 12/24/2006 - stamp was a red squirrel
The Old Man on the Mountain GAQLBE07, Brecksville, OH, 6/9/2007 - stamp was very neat!
The Boat to Castle Aaaagh, Berea, OH, 7/8/2007 - stamp was a a Viking ship
Jump on Board!, Valley City, OH, 7/22/2007 - stamp was the train
The Sound of Music Series, Berea, OH, 8/7/2007 - new stamps, 8, found all

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